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Joyce Malyn-Smith

Education Development Center, Inc.

United States of America - Waltham

Areas of interest

  • Workforce Development and Education
  • Skill Standards development
  • Career Development
  • Developing profiles of emerging occupations
  • Technical training


Joyce Malyn-Smith is an expert in STEM career and workforce development. Over the past forty years her career has focused on a body of work that seeks to cultivate talent by understanding how people develop skills in formal and informal settings, and translate their skills, knowledge and abilities into productive and rewarding careers. Much of her work involves helping expert workers articulate the skills and knowledge needed for workplace success, and developing educational tools and materials that translate these into useful contextualized instructional and assessment experiences for learners of all ages. In this regard, she is particularly interested in the intellectual and career development of youth who are “Power Users of Technology.” Malyn-Smith oversees a portfolio of workforce and human development projects at EDC (Education Development Center, Inc.) that explore how people develop their capacities to learn and work. Her work builds on a foundation of large projects that articulate skills and organizes them into career trajectories; and small projects that test these in various learning settings. Prior to joining EDC she served Boston Public Schools for more than 20 years as a teacher and central office administrator responsible for career/technical curriculum, professional development, program innovation and evaluation.