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Katrin Becker

Simon Fraser University / Mink Hollow Media

consultant, author, speaker, instructional & user experience designer, developer, educator, agronomist; Specializing in Knowledge Translation (primarily in the STEM fields)


Katrin Becker has taught Computer Science at the post-secondary level to both majors and non-majors for 30 years. Recently, she’s also taught game design and technical writing. She holds a PhD in Educational Technology with a focus on instructional game design. She’s been using digital games to teach programming since the 80's and taught one of the first Digital Game Based Learning courses for an Education faculty. Her work centers on the design and analysis of digital games for serious purposes and along with her “Magic Bullet” for evaluating digital games, she has also developed a new approach to the study of game design called Game Ethology that approaches the analysis of interactive software by combining software ethology and ethological techniques. She is also the author of a book on the technical aspects of simulations and games written for non-technical people.