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Susie Gronseth

University of Houston

United States of America - Houston

Clinical Assistant Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education at the University of Houston; President of the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network; Co-Chair of the UDL SIG


Susie Gronseth focuses on breaking down barriers to learning through using technologies in ways that engage learners, represent content in a variety of ways, and provide opportunities for learners to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. She specializes in strategies for teaching in online environments, where learners can be in the same city or across the world. Along with other faculty and doctoral students in the Learning, Design, and Technology program area at the University of Houston, she is involved with the development, teaching, and research on several Massive Open Online Courses, that have enrolled thousands of learners around the world over the past few years. She currently serves as President of the International Society for Technology in Education's Inclusive Learning Network, a professional group that is focuses on designing instruction for all learners to be successful. She has a Ph.D. in instructional systems technology from Indiana University.