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Sébastien Pabst

Visiagora by CLL Language Centres

Belgium - Brussels


Sébastien graduated from the University of Nancy, France, with a Master’s degree in « Language Sciences and Language Teaching », a Bachelor’s degree in « English Language and Literature » and a Bachelor’s degree in « Applied Foreign Languages ».

Once graduated, he taught languages for 10 years in several Universities and Colleges in France, Luxembourg, the UK and Morocco, before heading the language department of a French engineering school made of 25 campuses.

In 2017, CLL Language Centres (Belgium) entrusted him with the research and development of an innovative distance learning solution for languages. Sébastien has developed and now manages Visiagora, CLL's online platform where live online classes with expert teachers are held in virtual classrooms, and where learners benefit of pedagogical and technological innovations enabling them to quickly improve their linguistic skills.