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Tufan Adiguzel

Bahcesehir Unıversity

Turkey - Istanbul


I have been designing and developing technologies, and integrating them into Math and Science Education for more than 21 years. I have taken too many different roles in such development and integration such as developer, designer, project leader and advisor. I have been able to transfer this experience to STEM education since 2005.

I served as founding coordinator of STEM center at Bahcesehir University for a year. I directed Teacher Professional Development program, including 42 Science and Math teachers, together with two advising professors. I have also served as founding coordinator of Distance Education center at Bahcesehir University for four years, leading a team with 14 graduate students. We all try to transform university with a research-based strategy, which is a task of each graduate student.

I have been advisor to graduate students in Educational Technology and Curriculum & Instruction majors and have served on the graduate committee of the Graduate School of Educational Sciences at several universities other than Bahcesehir University where I am working currently. I am also advising to Pearson Turkey with the role of developing strategies for implementing Pearson Digital products to the Schools and Universities. I have taken PI and Co-PI roles in too many research projects at Texas A&M and Bahcesehir Universities.