Digital Fabrication

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Creatively turn ideas into reality with digital fabrication technologies.


Digital fabrication is an emerging technology with significant implications for both society and schools. It involves use of a digital design to create a physical object. Digital fabrication tools are often referred to as desktop manufacturing and include computer-aided design (CAD) software (e.g. Silhouette Studio, FabLab Model Maker, Autodesk 123d Apps, and TinkerCAD), 3D printers (e.g. Cubes, PrintrBots, and MakerBots) and computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) machines (e.g. Silhouette paper and vinyl cutters, ZenToolworks milling package). Ranging in cost and options, these tools can be used to inspire creative learning for kids of all ages in a variety of content areas.


Started Feb. 4, 2015

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