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Posted March 28, 2018 12:25 p.m. by LarysaNadolny

Thank you all for a great SIG meeting yesterday and thank you to Jana for her support and leadership for the past two years! Below I am sharing the information collected during the SIG meeting about our organizational representation and game course offerings.

What programs do we represent in games and simulations? - University of Houston - 5 year program in game and simulations (BA to MS) - University of Michigan - Gradecraft LMS, Viewpoint software - Texas A&M - Visualization program, LIVE Lab, where students develop games - University of New Mexico - Oils Program - Albuquerque Public Schools - GBL class (8th grade), Video games as literature (8th grade) - Iowa State University - some game courses, VRAC center for virtual reality - University of Leuven - interested in teaching simulations - Sonoma State - VR lab in their makerspace, design board games in makerspace - Ministry of Education Singapore - interested in educational games - University of Lethbridge (Alberta) - teach course on gamification, interested in D&D as good teacher - King Saud University - interested in gamification - Drexel University - game degree program (undergrad), concentration at masters level, have a repository of learning objects/readings/media in games and learning - Radford University - professional development engine for teachers in rural communities - Utah State University - math games, game learning/development courses

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